Online Consultation

Teledermatology, or Online Consultation allows us to mantain a direct Patient-Doctor interaction whenever and wherever you want.

Consultations can be performed live using the videochat or by sending pictures through messaging apps. We guarantee a safe and confidential exchange of your medical information. You only require either a smartphone, a computer or a tablet. No extra software needs to be installed.

This online service provides quick and effective solving of questions or problems that patients who are unable to attent a physical consultation might be having.

The teledermatology system allows medical reports and medical prescriptions. Electronic prescriptions are as equally valid and you’ll be able to purchase creams and other medications at your usual pharmacy.

The price of this service is currently 89€

You can book an appointment today by using the Doctoralia App.

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the online consultations, you can contact us using the contact form or via whatsapp

Here are some tips for taking the best pictures for your upcoming online consultation

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